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Laboratory testing is crucial in early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. 60-70 of decisions about diagnosis, treatment, and hospital admissions are based on laboratory results. Shot Health is committed to the delivery of evidence-based care. Therefore, we offer laboratory testing services to ensure our patients have value for their money and they are attended based on their results.

Types of Laboratory Testing Offered

While there are countless lab tests your healthcare provider can ask you to do, there are three legitimate reasons why laboratory tests are ordered, and they are grouped based on these:

  • Diagnostic tests – these are tests that are done when you present at the hospital and are used for ruling in or out a diagnosis. Diagnostic tests are important as they help the clinician make valid decisions on your treatment.
  • Monitoring – as you progress with your treatment, your doctor might order a number of monitoring tests. These tests are used in evaluating the efficacy of treatment or the drugs you are taking. Monitoring tests are also used I n making decisions on whether to change your treatment or to discharge you in case you are admitted.
  • Screening tests – these are tests which are routinely taken to discover active variables. For example, breast cancer screens are used in screening in case one has breast cancer. When you visit your doctor for the routine appointments, they will order various screening tests before giving you a clean pass of health.
  • Shot Health offers a whole spectrum of Diagnostic, Monitoring, and screening tests.

Procedure for getting a Lab work

Shot Health emphasizes on providing you with comfort as you enjoy your health. Therefore, we have a safe and secure workflow that would ensure you get your lab work done from the comfort of your home. There is provision for all the three types of tests:

• Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests are ordered by your doctor. After having an appointment with us, the doctor or nurse will fill out a laboratory request form and organize when your samples are taken. In case you had a home call, we will organize how to come and collect the sample from your home. If you are referred from another facility, you will make a call to us and our staff would come and collect samples from you at your home.

• Monitoring Tests

For the monitoring tests, our staff will schedule the appointments for testing, depending on your location and availability.

• Screening tests

If you need your routine screening tests, call us and schedule an appointment depending on your availability. Our staff will reach out to you and ensure you do not miss out on your screening schedules.


Once our test results are out, we will get in touch with your doctor and send the results to him/her or send them to you in case of routine screening tests. We pride ourselves in delivering results in the shortest time possible.

“Very accurate and time results. All my patients have their lab work done by Shot Health” – Dr. Zubair

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