COVID Swab Testing

Since the start of the pandemic, the greatest emphasis has been on COVID-19 testing. The World Health Organization Director-General’s message for everyone was to “test, test, test.” However, getting a place to be tested has been a challenge to most people.
Shot Health offers timely and accurate COVID-19 swab testing to help you know whether the symptoms you have are COVID-19 and to help keep your family and loved ones safe by taking early control measures.


What Kinds of COVID-19 Tests are available

  • Viral test – this is the most common test and involves swab testing. It informs you if you have a current infection.
  • Antibody test – this test is still under development and it might tell you if you had a past infection.
  • Shot Health provides the viral test which has been the most useful in controlling COVID-19.

Who Should get tested?

Many people are uncertain whether they should get tested or not. Here is a checklist that would help you make the decision and come for the COVID-19 Swab test
  • If you have symptoms that resemble COVID-19; fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, loss of smell or taste, red eyes, sore throat, headache, and dizziness. Not everyone experiences all these symptoms. If you have any of these, get in touch with our professionals who will guide you on the next step
  • If you have been in close contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19; close contact is defined as being within 6 feet with a person for at least 15 minutes.
  • If you have taken part in an activity that puts you at a higher risk of getting COVID-19, i.e., where you cannot effectively socially distance like crowded indoor settings, attending mass gatherings, or traveling.
  • If you have been asked or referred to get tested by your healthcare service provider, your state, or local health department.

How the nasal swab is collected

Once you sign the consent form for testing, our healthcare service provider will prepare to take a nasal swab for the test.
Our healthcare personnel adorn the full personal protective gear (disposable gowns, face masks, hand gloves, and eye gear) to protect you and themselves from infection.
A new sampling kit will be used for each customer.
The swab is removed from its sterile container and inserted into your nostril to collect the sample.
The sampling process takes less that one minute and is painless

What you need to do after you get tested

After you get tested, you are required to isolate at home as you wait for your results. We will provide you with a brochure that details what you can do to keep safe and active as you quarantine awaiting results.


Once the results are ready, our staff will get in touch with you and relay them to you professionally.
  • If you test positive, we will support you and give you sufficient advice on the protective steps you need to take to prevent others from getting sick.
  • If you test negative, you were probably not infected when the sample was taken. However, you need to continue taking steps to protect yourself

“The COVID-19 testing at Shot Health is quick and efficient. I felt safe and valued by your staff. Thank you.” – Hamida, Client

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