IV rehydration, IV vitamins

Many people question why they have to get an I.V. Why would you not just take oral supplements and drink water?

Here is why you need an I.V. rehydration and I.V. vitamins. I.V means intravenous. Intravenous fluids are administered through a catheter and are the fastest way to deliver vital electrolytes, fluids, vitamins, and medications into your body. This restores optimum support for your immune system and rehydration for your body.

Compared to oral intake where 50-60 percent of the fluids will be absorbed into your body, I.V. fluids administered are directly absorbed into your bloodstream with 100% efficiency. Thus, it would assure you of a faster recovery. The drip takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes and the impacts are felt immediately. I.V. bypasses the oral and gastrointestinal tract to assure complete absorption. The efficiency of the procedure makes it an indispensable intervention in emergency care centers and hospitals. At Shot Health, we are making this essential service available wherever you need it, in your home, private office, or hotel to restore your vitality and wellness as comfortably and quickly as possible.


Who is I.V. for?

I.V. is for adults seeking to swiftly recover from the cumulative effects of dehydration that results from multiple medical conditions. It is also ideal for athletes who are looking to quickly recover from intense competition and enhance their performance before a big event. I.V. therapy is a proven highly effective way for helping the body boost immunity, fight infections, and boost your overall wellness.

Our I.V. treatment replenishes and restores your body to ensure optimal well-being, performance, and health. The therapies will combine specific blends of minerals, intravenous fluids, vitamins, and medications to enhance your overall wellness and health.

What Kinds of Vitamins do I.V. therapy work best for?

The number of vitamins that I.V. therapy can infuse is limitless. However, the vitamins commonly infused are those that are natural to your body’s optimal health and performance and can be measured to ensure a healthy dose is delivered.

Common ingredients include calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C, amino acids, and antioxidants like glutathione.

What Kinds of Vitamins do I.V. therapy work best for?

  • The procedure for placement of the I.V. catheter is minimally invasive and enables direct delivery of fluids, minerals, vitamins, and medications into the bloodstream.
  • The I.V. infusion hydrates and replenishes vital electrolytes and fluids to provide quick relief from the common ailments linked with dehydration.
  • The I.V. is an effective method of finding relief from common ailments like migraines, jet lag, fatigue, flu, and hangovers.
  • It is perfect for athletes who want to recover quickly from the competition and improve their performance for big events.
  • The therapies are customized for your individual needs to ensure immediate benefit for your conditions and symptoms.
  • Our team of professionals are certified and will deliver your I.V. treatment from the comfort of your office, hotel, or home.

What our clients have had to say:
“This was like a miracle treatment. So refreshing!” – Lindsey

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