Medication Management

People take medications to improve their quality of life. However, when taking multiple medications or when you are not feeling well, it might be difficult remembering to take the right medications at the right time. The quality of life does not improve if the medications are not properly taken, in most cases, it declines.

Medication management comes in at this point, assisting in getting the right medication to the right people, and ensuring they take the prescriptions at the right time. But medication management involves a whole lot more…

Why is medication management Necessary?

Research shows that non-adherence to the proper medication administration drastically impacts overall healthcare costs as follows:
• An estimated average of 50% of patients in the U.S. do not take their medications correctly. Of these, approximately 33% never fill their first prescription at all.
• Approximately 700,000 people experience adverse drug reactions that prompt admission into hospital emergency departments.
• The estimated annual cost of patients who fail to correctly take their medications is a whopping $290 billion

At Shot Health, we provide expert personnel to help individuals manage medications, contributing to the client’s improved quality of life and the person’s safety. Our medication management services contribute to:
• Improved patient administration and use of all their medications
• Improvement in the patient’s achievement of their healthcare goals
• Reduced duplication and side effects, and drug interactions of all the medications.
• Reduced medical costs in the form of hospitalizations and emergency room visits caused by neglecting to take all the prescribed medications or incorrect dosing.

What is Shot Health’s Medication Management

Our medication management service is designed to help individuals in managing their medications so that they avoid the risks of incorrect medication administration, taking them on time, all the time. For some people having a simple reminder, the device is sufficient to ensure they take their medications as prescribed. However, more advanced, professional, consistent reminders are necessary. Our trained licensed staff work with our clients to ensure all timely filling of all prescriptions and all the medications are taken correctly daily.

What are the Benefits of Medication Management?

The need for medication management services increases with the increase in age. Ensuring the health of your elderly loved ones require management of their healthcare costs. The benefits of providing medication management for our elderly loved ones and sick relatives and friends include:
• Better treatment outcomes and improved quality of life
• Reduces stress for the patients and their loved ones. Everyone would be secure in the thought that the medications are taken correctly and well distributed.
• Less money spent on healthcare costs stemming from poor medication administration like hospital stays and emergency room visits
• Reduced illnesses due to drug interactions or medication noncompliance
Whether someone does not take their medications properly due to being forgetful or them thinking that they do not need them, the consequences can be serious. Our medication management services ensure you get the medications you need on time, every single day. There would be immense improvements in the quality of life and everyone involved will have to worry less about the health of their loved one.

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