Private Duty Nursing Care

What is Companion Care

Shot Health is committed to providing you care that meets your needs and those of your loved ones to improve their happiness and health from the comfort of your home.

Traditional in-home nursing care helps your loved ones receive the necessary help while they stay independent. However, times call for more advanced care to satisfy the needs of your loved ones. Shot Health comes through at such time through our specialized private duty nursing services. Our well-trained private duty nurses will offer your loved ones the required level of care wherever they want it, in the comfort of their home, without having to go to a nursing facility or a hospital.


How does Private Duty Nursing Differ from traditional in-home care services?

Private duty nursing delivers individualized medical care. Private duty nurses have the necessary qualifications to provide this care within the patient’s own home or facility. The advanced care offered by the private duty nurse aligns with the family’s needs. From a single source, we aim to provide the required one-on-one care needed by our clients.

How unique is Shot Health’s Private Duty Nursing service?

We have a team of qualified, highly trained nursing staff who provide specialized care to our clients, assuring them of next-level home care. Our team includes nurse practitioners (NPs), registered nurses (RNs), and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Our nursing team can operate in tandem with the traditional in-home caregivers to deliver a similar and better uplifting experience, making us the best in the industry. Our belief is in the hope, purpose, and connection between our care and clients regardless of their age or acuity. The bond formed between our team and clients is enhanced by the comfort and safety experienced by the client being in their own home around familiar faces, sights, and sounds.

Our private duty nurses are trained and certified to carry out a number of advanced medical duties as follows:

  • Respiratory treatments and tracheostomy care
  • Catheter hygiene and ostomy care
  • Skin condition monitoring, wound care, and skin management
  • Injectable or non-injectable medication administration
  • Oral medication set up
  • Tube feeding and oral cavity suctioning
  • Removal/replacement of aseptic dressings
  • Core training for family members
  • Care coordination and general health assessment

How Shot Health can Help

We provide a range of services from hourly care to scheduled visits. Our private duty nurses will be available 24 hours, seven days a week, working with the medical team of your loved one to deliver the required professional support.

Shot Health prides itself in providing an in-home care service that impacts the lives of our clients positively. Clients and their families entrust their care to us, and we, in turn, deliver the services and support that guarantee the best care solutions for your loved ones. We are in touch with clients from diverse communities, ensuring the care they receive align with their beliefs and values, improving their outcomes and realization of health and happiness.

Our client had this to say:

“I had been worried about admitting my mum in a nursing home. She had various medical needs. Getting to know Shot Health and having a private duty nurse has swept away my worries as my mum keeps praising the professionalism and care she gets from her nurse. I would recommend Shot Health over and over!” – Lisa.

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